Japanese rescuers return to their country

The Japan Disaster Relief Team concluded the search & rescue operations per instruction of the Mexican Government

Taken from the Twitter account of the Japanese Embassy in Mexico @JapanEmb_Mexico

26/09/2017 15:00


Misael Zavala

The 72 Japanese rescuers and their four dogs, who worked in the areas damaged by the earthquake in Mexico City, have concluded their labor and returned to their country.

During a press conference held yesterday before their departure, the leader of the Japan Disaster Relief Team, Mr. Toshihide Kawasaki, claimed that one of the reasons why the buildings could've collapsed in Mexico City was because they didn't meet the construction standards, but that the final ruling would have to be issued by the experts.

Mr. Kawasaki explained that yesterday the Mexican Government told them the search & rescue operations were concluding. Thus, they concluded their labor, given now is the time to restore the areas and “this is when the opinion of the experts comes in" to find the causes behind the collapsed buildings.

On behalf of his team, Mr. Kawasaki expressed his gratitude to the Mexican people, who encouraged them with their cheers and applause during the 24 consecutive hours the Japanese team spent working in Tlalpan.

“From the heart and on behalf of the Mexican people, with profound admiration we say, thank you, Japan,” was the message shared by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its Twitter Account: 


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