Threats do not disturb EL UNIVERSAL

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23/06/2017 09:04


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Threats do not disturb EL UNIVERSAL

Journalists in this dairy are not disturbed by the threats from certain criminal groups. A proof of this is today's report on the way in which small-scale traffickers operate in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). We let you know yesterday that one of our journalists received threats from the mafia that distributes drugs in the so-called Ciudad Universitaria, an illicit business that leaves profits ranging from 100 thousand to 150 thousand pesos per day. We were explained that the problem of illicit narcotics trade in the university campus is not limited to the impunity with which criminals act, whom federal authorities say work for the Tláhuac Cartel, but to complicities of surveillance personnel of the academic institution Despite the intimidating messages, EL UNIVERSAL will continue publishing information of interest to society, regardless of the damage that the information may cause to the criminal operations.

Yellow Summit for 2018

The main leaders of left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) will meet today to begin defining the route towards 2018. To begin with, they face the replacement of Alejandra Barrales as president of the yellow party. But above all, whether or not carrying out a Congress to review the case of potential alliances. We know that both issues, who might take the wheel for the convoluted 2018 and the possible alliances with left and right wings, have them very divided. Nevertheless, in the last days, the heads of these yellow tribes target Juan Zepeda as one of the strong candidates to direct to the party of the Aztec sun. We are told that the main currents New Left and National Democratic Alternative have held meetings with leaders, where one of the main focuses is the former candidate for the government of the State of Mexico.

Coffee politicians smoke peace pipe

We are told that the meeting held last Wednesday by the CNOP leader, Arturo Zamora, from ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), with other party members such as Alberto Aguilar Iñárritu, Ernesto Gándara, José Ramón Martel and José Encarnación Alfaro had a favorable balance. After all the pushing and shoving a few days ago, Zamora minimized one of his colleagues' meetings saying they were "coffee politicians who speak of their frustration", the waters have calmed down and all the gossiping disappeared from the hallways of the party. We know that everything came out "very well" and they report that all "differences have been settled". We are told that this intends to send a signal of unity, especially when it was made clear that there is inclusion within the party and voices heard were not of dissent.

Go Against AMLO Collector

Next week the Congress of Veracruz will vote the immunity removal of Eva Cadena, former congresswoman of far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), who was exposed by this dairy receiving bundles of money three different times. We know that if Veracruz Congress removes the immunity to the former candidate to the mayoralty of Las Choapas, the request of immunity removal made by the Chamber of Deputies will be left without any effect. By removing the immunity, even at the local level, Veracruz and federal authorities can bring legal actions upon her, as it must be remembered that she is accused by the Veracruz Public Prosecutor's Office and by the Electoral Prosecutor's Office. Andres Manuel López Obrador's tax collector has defended herself and filed a complaint this week with the National Human Rights Commission to denounce her being tried for the same offenses in local and federal courts, which she says is illegal. However, this won't be a big deal since the case is firm and it's just a matter of time now for Cadena to lose her

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