Remains of abducted journalist found in Michoacán

Charred remains of Salvador Adame have been identified after the journalist and owner of 6TV in Michoacán was abducted a month ago

File photo/ EL UNIVERSAL

26/06/2017 19:03


Redacción El Universal

The Attorney General of the State of Michoacán, José Martín Godoy, noted that after DNA tests, the charred remains found last June 14 in Barranca del Diablo, Michoacán, correspond to abducted journalist and 6TV owner and director, Salvador Adame Pardo,  who had been missing for almost a month and a few days after the murder of prominent Sinaloa journalist covering drug-related news, Javier Valdez.U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson expressed her sympathies to the bereaved on her Twitter account:"Salvador Adame, owner, and director of 6TV in Michoacán was found lifeless. Our deep condolences to his family and colleagues."

This tweet followed a previous post where the ambassador condemned Adame Pardo's abduction on May 23:"We regret the kidnapping of journalist Salvador Adame. We urge authorities to expediate efforts to him alive."


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