Raúl Flores transferred to Altiplano Prison

The prisoner was handed over to the federal authorities to be extradited

Altiplano maximum security prison - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

10/08/2017 11:00



Raúl Flores, “El Tío” (The Uncle) was transferred to the Altiplano maximum security federal prison in Mexico after the Federal Court of Columbia, in the US, required his extradition for the crimes of criminal association in the distribution of tonnes of cocaine in American soil. He's expected to be extradited in the upcoming days.

The Deputy Office of the Prison System of Mexico City informed that the transfer was executed today, early in the morning.

Flores was being held at the South Prison (Reclusorio Sur) of Mexico City, according to Patricia Mercado, Secretary of Government for Mexico City, during an interview with journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva for Radio Fórmula, a local news radio. 

Flores Hernández named Mexican soccer player Rafael Márquez and singer Julión Álvarez among the list of 22 of his alleged front men, according to the Federal Government.

The group is accused of money laundering through the acquisition of companies in the sports, entertainment, health, rehabilitation and food sectors.

Yesterday, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned 22 Mexican individuals and 43 Mexican companies for their ties to the drug cartel led by Raúl Flores Hernández.

With information from Manuel Espino and Víctor Sancho.


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