2017: Mexico's bloodiest year yet

President Peña Nieto's administration has registered more homicides than Calderón's

Homicides in Mexico have been on the rise for decades - Photo: Tomas Bravo/REUTERS

31/07/2018 14:53



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According to the INEGI, in 2017, 31,174 homicides were registered in Mexico, on a national and federal level, as reported by preliminary statistics.

That is, 25 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants on a national level, the number is superior to those of 2016, when 20 homicides per every 100,000 inhabitants were registered.

Such numbers come from the information about vital statistics from administrative records from accidental and violent deaths, which are generated by each federal entity.

According to the Inegi, the record contains registers from 2,127 Civil Registry offices, 688 Attorney General's offices, and 145 Medical Forensic Service offices; all these public organisms provide monthly information to the institute. 

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It mentions that since 2015, the Inegi registers homicides' information directly from the Medical Forensic Service through death certificates issued after an accidental or violent death.

“It also registers data from the Civil Registry office about homicides, through death certificates”, it added.

Such information is completed by the one supplied by the Attorney General's offices through their statistics.


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