Toxic seaweed might be responsible for the death of 37 manatees

he deaths are not only prejudicial for the animals and the environment, but for the fishermen

37 manatees have been found dead so far – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

26/08/2018 14:09


Astrid Rivera

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A toxic seaweed could be the cause of death of 37 manatees in Tabasco, said the Semarnat director, Rafael Pacchiano Alamán. Nevertheless, they will continue to check 150 PEMEX wells around the area.

Rafael Pacchiano said that an environmental expert explained that a toxic seaweed could be causing the deaths in the area, nevertheless, it was determined that they need to carry out more studies to confirm the cause.

Pacchiano Alamán also said that the growth of this seaweed is not the result of oil activity in the area; it's a species that exists in other parts of Mexico and the world.

He claimed that they haven't found any leak at PEMEX's installations but that the checkups will continue. 

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