Isaac Hernández will not participate in Amalia Hernández Ballet

News about the ballet dancer's participation with the Amalia Hernández Ballet are false, Isaac Hernández says

Photo: Ariel Ojeda/EL UNIVERSAL

07/09/2018 19:02


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News about Mexican ballet dancer Isaac Hernández's participation with the Amalia Hernández Folkloric Ballet have been circulating today through several news media outlets. Although the executive director of the ballet company, Salvador López López, assured in an interview that the famous dancer's participation had been confirmed, Isaac Hernández complained about the incorrectness of that assumption.

Through his social media, he replied to EL UNIVERSAL in English: "Hello, I am asking you to take this article down, since the information provided is incorrect. I have already been booked with several companies for the next 4 months and we never reached an agreement regarding this project." 

The original article claimed that Isaac Hernández would perform with the Amalia Hernández ballet company during celebrations of Mexico's national holidays at either the Palace of Fine Arts or the Zócalo in Mexico City

A few minutes later, the ballet dancer complained about the way the news had been spread through different outlets: "Today, I have read with bewilderment and concern an article about my participation at the Zócalo with the Amalia Hernández Folkloric Ballet. I have not even been informed on said project, and I am already booked for the next 6 months."

The general director of the ballet company gave a conference at the Adamo Boari Hall in the Palace of Fine Arts, where he added that the company had been working on a new project called “100 Years, 100 Cities,” meant to celebrate Amalia Hernández’s 100th birthday, which will take place on September 19. The company will give 100 free performances in 100 cities spread across the country as part of the celebration. 

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