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In the 601 mass graves found in Veracruz only, there were 518 bodies, 660 skulls, and 53,606 body parts of children, women, and men

Hundreds of mass graves have been found in Mexico in the last decade – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

11/09/2018 09:12


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Murder is an act of as old as the bible and since then, it has been severely punished, but not in Mexico. In this country, a criminal group can murder a group of 170 people and bury them anywhere, and no government, especially the municipal one, knowns about it.

A few weeks ago, the incoming Internal Affairs Secretary told EL UNIVERSAL what no other member of the current administration will acknowledge: “Mexico is a cemetery”. The previous saying is supported by the finding of an enormous mass grave in Veracruz, where at least 174 people were murdered approximately two years ago.

The Internal Affairs Secretariat from the outgoing administration admits the existence of 855 clandestine mass graves, but Alejandro Encinas, the future Sub-secretary in the Human Rights area, claims to have information that there are up to 1,150 mass graves all over the country.

Veracruz is the only state where there is an official record, with 601 mass graves found since 2011, according to information EL UNIVERSAL obtained through transparency. In those mass graves, they have found 518 bodies, 660 skulls, and 53,606 body parts, children, women, and men among them, which haven't been identified.

In each mass grave, the murders must have taken place through several weeks or months. The modus operandi can't be far from this scenario: a line of vehicles, mostly at night, moving away from the main roads to enter other opening and then shoot.

For many, the criminals' suspicious attitude couldn't have gone unnoticed, but why alert the authorities? Why risk their lives? In the last years, the prosecution authorities and the police forces are on the last spots in the list of the institutions trusted by society, according to the Inegi, only 30% of the population trusts them.

If the institutions who are supposed to deliver justice can't gain trust, the citizens will hardly report crimes. When a higher number of accusations is achieved, the authority will have to solve them efficiently, if not, the impunity perception will stall everything and the criminals will know nothing has changed.

This country can't allow that thousands of its citizens “disappear” with no one knowing anything, and even less, that the authority doesn't launch an investigation.

There is an unknown number of women searching for her child, husband, or brother. Their voices scream in the desert. It's time to listen to them.

Mass graves with at least 166 bodies found in Veracruz
The bodies of at least 166 people were found in Eastern Mexico after 30 days of investigation


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