Karime Macías spotted in London, how can she afford it?

During Javier Duarte's administration, the health department allegedly gave children fake cancer treatments because of a lack of funds

Karime Macías fled to London when her husband was arrested – Photo: Taken form Carlos Loret de Mola's Twitter account

11/09/2018 12:51



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Karime Macías, Javier Duarte's wife, was seen at London's tube, in England, while she read The New Yorker.

Javier Duarte de Ochoa, who was the Veracruz Governor from 2010 to 2016, is currently in prison, after being extradited from Guatemala in July 2017.

Although the Veracruz authorities have asked to extradite Karime Macías, the PGR hasn't requested London to extradite her.

A few months ago, Veracruz' former first lady was spotted at the Wilbraham Mansions, a luxurious neighborhood in London, when she was shopping, went to the gym, and took her children to the exclusive Eaton Square School in London.

The former Veracruz Governor, Javier Duarte, is accused of criminal association after the organized crime charges against him were reformulated by the PGR.

Her life in London is not Karime Macías' first scandal, who became a famous meme when her properties were seized, and her diaries were found, as the pages were full of “I deserve more abundance”. 

PGR modifies organized crime charges against Javier Duarte
The Attorney General restructured accusations against Duarte, potentially reducing his sentence


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